Friday, February 5, 2016

EMG-6 Goes Open Source

Breaking News

We have decided to change our basic premise on marketing and selling the EMG-6. Our confidence level in the basic design of the aircraft is so high that we feel we no longer wish to hold it back from the general public. Working in the model of Google we feel that in the long run we will be able to monetize a project to recoup some of our investment. From the very beginning we have elected to  not take on investors and simply develop the aircraft at a pace that we could fund in-house. Many of the new builders may not purchase very many parts at all, but many of them will be purchasing parts on a regular basis. We believe we can make a living off of the small margins. In addition many customers will probably want fast build kits which we will be able to supply.

New Batteries

 I received this email from Donald Linback. I have corresponded with Donald over the years and he is an avid promoter of electric flight, and has been working in a large segment of electric flight power systems including development of his own motor. He sent this new PDF file promoting his new aviation batteries.

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From: Donald Lineback 
Date: Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 9:13 PM
Subject: Just staying in touch
To: " Carpenter" <>
Cc: Don Lineback <>

I was looking at your website to see how your electric is coming along. Will you be at Sun-n-fun? Chip will be flying our new system there. So far, the motor is running at 99% efficiency. I hope to have a computerized auto pitch prop ready before Oshkosh. I have finally located a propane thefueled engine for charging a hybrid system for long range flights at a cost of $3.50 per hour. The engine puts out 2Hp per pound. Without the Epower Extender, it looks like me might get a 2 hour flight next week on one charge. All the test results will be on my new website soon. I will be taking a motor to California soon for Mark to test. We will have 3 battery pack sizes: 50Hp, 70Hp and 90Hp max. The cells stay cool. I found out that FAA will never approve NCR cells. If fact Tesla will not use them and Panasonic has a warehouse full of them and they are trying to get rid of them. (the cycle life is only 500 charges) 

Don Lineback 

EMG-6 "Shop Notes" February 2016

February "Shop Notes"

"EMG-6 Shop Notes" is a day-to-day accounting of what's going on in the shop with the EMG-6 Electric Motor Glider.

 February 5, 2016  More updates to the Builder Files

Continued renovation to the website structure and accessibility to the existing builder files.We are just starting with the foundation for the structure to be able to start adding the existing files. So there isn't much data available yet. But the existing files that we do have you can kind of see the basis for what were eventually going to have.

Click here to see the outline.

New batteries for electric powered aircraft from Donald Linback (Click Here)


February 4, 2016 Builder Files new additions to the Website

As part of the new website renovation we are working on adding all of the builder files to the website. One of our core missions is always been to make this aircraft one of the most innovative building  projects around. With the primary focus associated with allowing the builders to build as much of the aircraft is there comfortable with. Providing as much builder support in the form of builder videos, PDF files, E drawings, and now Web-based building instructions. in the long run we feel that this will provide a more comprehensive method of making changes to the builders database and providing instantaneous feedback and updates to the existing builders. This will take a significant amount of time and effort to get the information to the website and updated but as it stands right now we are still ahead of all of the builders that are currently building their aircraft.

Click on this link to view the most recent addition

EMG-6 Builders Guide

The ATA Code Index

This system links to each of the sub-assemblies to their own pages. Simply click on one of the Chapter titles to take you to the associated chapter dealing with that subject matter. This page will remain perpetually under construction as we add new content.If you click on a chapter  and it doesn't provide you a link, it simply means that we have not yet completed that section.

01 General

11 Placards

25 Equipment and Furnishings

27 Flight Controls

31 Instruments

32 Landing Gear

51 Structures

53 Fuselage

55 Stabilizers

57 Wings

61 Propellers

71 Power-Plant General

72 Motor

73 Batteries

76 Engine Controls

February 4, 2016. We have just started adding the construction and builders information to the web. This information is primarily  in support of making the general public available the same information that exists on the builders database.

To access the builders database  click on this link

53-10 Fuselage Frame

Back to Fuselage


53-10 Fuselage Frame Overview

Link to the Builders  Database for the Fuselage

53-10-00 Wing Box  

53-10-01 Pilots Seat Assembly

53-10-02 Forward Bulkhead Assembly

53-10-03 Rear Bulkhead Assembly

53-10-04 Passengers Seat

53-10-05 Landing Gear Box Assembly

53-10-06 Instrument Panel Assembly

53 Fuselage

53 Fuselage Assembly Overview

Simply click on one of the Chapter sub titles to take you to the associated chapter dealing with that subject matter. This page will remain perpetually under construction as we add new content.If you click on a chapter  and it doesn't provide you a link, it simply means that we have not yet completed that section.

Builders Data Base Link To Fuselage


53-10 Fuselage 4130 Steel Frame 

53-20 Fuselage Boom Assembly

53-30 Fuselage Components

53-31 Nose Skid

53-40 Keel Assembly

53-51 Fuselage Shell (Fairings)

53-60 Fuselage Aft (Fairings)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

53-10-00.00 Wing Box Assembly

53-10-00.00 Wing Box Assembly Overview

Builders Data Base Link to Wing Box Assembly
Builders Data Base Link to Welding Fixtures

Jig Components required to manufacture 53-10-00.00 Wing Box Welding Fixture.

53-10-00.01 Wing Box Base(1)
53-10-00.02 Wing Box Side (2)
53-10-00.03 Wing Box Center Spacer (1)
53-10-00.05 Wing Box Alignment Block (4)
53-10-00.06 Wing Box Lower Leg Spacer (4)
53-10-00.08 Wing Box Upright Spacer (4)
53-10-00.09 Wing Box Spar Alignment Block (2)
53-10-00.12 Wing Box Lower Cross Tube Spacer (6)
53-10-00.15 Wing Box Boom Attach Spacer (2)

53-20 Boom Assembly

Back to Fuselage

53-20 Boom Assembly

Builders Data Base Link to Boom Assembly

Fuselage Boom Assembly Manual Link 29MB

Sunday, January 31, 2016

EMG-6 "Shop Notes" January 2016

January "Shop Notes"

"EMG-6 Shop Notes" is a day-to-day accounting of what's going on in the shop with the EMG-6 Electric Motor Glider.

January 29, 2016 Upgrade to the EMG-6 Blog

We have just recently added the capability to be able to automatically convert email responses into blog posts. This will greatly enhance the transmission of information as we regularly get the exact same questions asked over and over again.  In addition we have added a tab called Q&A at the top of the blog for easy access to all of the future posts related to questions asked by the general public and customers.
Link to Q&A Page

January 27, 2016 Aircraft Spruce Now Stocking the EMG-6 Streamlined Struts

Aircraft spruce is now stocking the streamlined struts used On the EMG-6. Although aircraft spruce will be our only outside supplier for the streamlined strut material, You can still purchase the streamlined strut directly from us if you are an aircraft builder and have a serial number.  And of course EMG-6 builders will receive a substantial discount Over the Aircraft Spruce price.

January 25, 2016 Parts Manufacturing Continues

We're just finished with a redesign of the rear spar attach fitting.

These parts are replacements for the Quicksilver parts that are no longer available.

We've taken the time to much improved the design and simplify  the attachment process.

Because this aircraft incorporates a wing fold system the fittings on both the forward and rear spar have to be strong enough to withstand the constant removal and re-installation.

The rear spar attachment adapter tube is almost identical to the original to  with some slight modifications.
It now requires much less machining as we have redesigned the attachment fitting on the fuselage to allow all of the holes in the attachment tube to be drilled perpendicular to the tube center axes.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Re: information (ITALY)

On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 11:04 PM,  Francesco  wrote:

Good Morning, what is the cost of a basic kit of your ep motoglider?

is it possible to buy from Italy and have it shipped?

thank you in advance
best regards


Thank you for your inquiry about our EMG-6. Let me summarize the current status of our production and kit availability.

Currently there are only 11 aircraft that are flying or in production. The first prototype which you've likely seen many videos and information about which has flown with an electric power plant and is now currently flying with a two-stroke Polini 250 motor, the second prototype which is the higher performance (LD) version of the aircraft which is nearing completion. And the third prototype which is currently being used in the development of the builder video series and the development of building manuals and instructions.